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Magasand · Incredible sandwiches, impossible magazies

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Sobre Nosotros

Magasand was born in July 2008 with the purpose of providing a service that was needed in Madrid: offer healthy food with best quality ingredients (and if price could allow also organic) in a fast and informal format. “Fast Haute-cuisine” as we have been called in many magazines and blogs.

Magasand are not franchises but a family business and the concept has been developed by us from scratch. All our restaurants have a very thoughtful and functional design by architect Juan Carlos Fernández ( and although the three of them have many things each one has its own personality.

Above all, what most differentiate us is the people that work in Magasand, the very close but respectful treat customers receive can be proved in many personal comments, blogs and publications.

Daily Dishes

Healthy food with the best quality ingredients in a fast and informal format. “Fast Haute-cuisine” as we have been called in many publications.

Choose your menu of the day, each day different.

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@Magasand we create delicious #flavors based on 100% ecological ingredients, offering truly healthy food & drinks!

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