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Pick from our breakfast and lunch packs and we’ll take care of everything else so you can simply enjoy’em.

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Create your own breakfast or lunch pack and we will send you the best possible quote for your needs

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For customized caterings contact magasand@magasand.com or phone (+34) 650 613 498.

Our Packs

100% biodegradable and compostable kitchenware.
Menus for every day.
Ideal for your business meetings, shootings, presentations and corporate gifts.
If you want a personalized proposal just ask for it.

Sharing Pack

To share, minimum two people, with our classics to share.


  • Ensalada pasta integral al pesto, con mozzarella de bufala, cherrys, rúcula, nueces, jamon cocido extra
  • Mezze con hummus, guacamole y chipotle acompañado de Pretzels y crudités
  • Bandeja de sándwiches variados Magasand
  • Mix de nuestra repostería

Free shipping (only Madrid city center)

Magasand Pack Presentation Day

Xmas Dinner Box

Caja para 4 personas, ¡solo tienes que regenerar y emplatar! ¡Nosotros te decimos cómo!


  • Crema de champiñones y virutas de parmesano
  • Nuestro tabulé de Bulgur
  • Ragout de verduras con carrillera de ternera, polenta y pesto
  • Turrón de granola y chocolate
  • Crumble de frutos rojos

¡Tenemos también una versión vegetariana!

Envío gratuito (sólo Madrid centro)

Tailor your pack

Custom Breakfast Pack

Configure your breakfast pack and we will give you a budget much more tailored to your needs.

Custom Lunch pack

Configure your lunch pack and we will give you a budget much more tailored to your needs.

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